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Steve Trotter-PolyGram Promo

Steve Trotter has been doing the write thing since he discovered the power of the pen. The speed of QWERTY and PCs gave wings to his writing and its multi-faceted personas. 

Satirical schoolboy essayist. Poet. Songwriter. Sensational tabloid hack (Midnight, Globe). Copywriter. Music Critic.

PolyGram publicist promoting releases by Deep Purple, Dire Straits, Metallica, Van Morrison, Velvet Underground, Tears For Fears, Tina Turner, etc. Freelance travel writer (Miami Herald, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star). Thriller author. 

Songs on Stage

Steve Trotter Foreign Affairs - Midnight Oil concert Le Spectrum

Back in the ‘70s and ‘80s Trotter wrote a stream of rock songs, several of which he performed as frontman in Montreal guitar-driven bands Kid, Sgt. Rock, Trotter, and Foreign Affairs. 

During that prolific, creative era Trotter and his bandmates gigged in a variety of colourful clubs and bars, outdoor festivals and historic Montreal live rock venues The Mapes, Pretzel, Club Montreal and Le Spectrum. 

At Club Montréal Sgt. Rock opened for Steppenwolf. At Le Spectrum, Trotter opened for Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush and Walter Rossi. Foreign Affairs opened for Midnight Oil.               

Trotter Live - Vieux Port Montréal

Trotter - Vieux Port de Montréal

Fun Fact
In the mid seventies Trotter demoed his songs on a reel to reel SOS tape deck, using pillows and  tape reel boxes for drums, screwdrivers for sticks, a 52 Les Paul doubling as electric bass. Fast forward a few years and Trotter was cutting tracks at Studio Tempo with Frank Marino and at Le Studio in Morin Heights with Paul Northfield. 

Novel Pursuit

THE NATIONAL TRUTH: A Sensational Tabloid Thriller copyright 2014 Stephen Trotter

In 2004, Trotter  followed up on his burning desire to write a crime thriller based on his years working as a staff writer for the sensational supermarket tabloids Midnight and Globe. He wound up writing five crime thrillers, four of which became amazon best sellers 

Meanwhile Back At The Ranch ...

These days, drawing inspiration from country vistas and urban reflections, Trotter continues to write songs whenever the urge arises, an indie artist free to create on his own terms. 

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